Know the FUNDamentals Lux (EN)

The Swiss / International Fund & Asset Management Officer Concept is a Training Program for Fund and Asset Management Industry Professionals. With the great number of participating leading business experts the training program provides intense exchange of knowledge and experience and brings together investment fund professionals and industry practitioners on four different learning levels.

Know the FUNDamentals as basic training forms the first level of the program.

Subjects: Law / compliance, product & operations management


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Schedule and enrollment

Nr. KtF E01C23LU

Basic, Day 1 23.02.2023 08:30 16:30

Basic, Day 2 24.02.2023 08:30 12:00

Advanced, Day 1 15.03.2023 08:30 16:30

Advanced, Day 2 16.03.2022 08:30 16:30

Advanced, Day 3 17.03.2022 08:30 15:15

Test Basic 24.02.2023 12:15 12:45

Test Advanced 17.03.2023 15:30 17:30

Training Contents / Modules

The training will provide the participants with basics and insights of the investment funds industry, focusing on fund products and structures domiciled in Luxembourg, on fund classification, features and characteristics of funds, linked to legal and also operational and business aspects. 


  • Introduction and basics to financial markets, investment funds / funds markets 
  • Focus ESG: background, importance, regulatory
  • Legal & Regulatory - Investment Fund structures in Luxembourg 
    - UCITS / AIFMD: Legal structures of funds in Luxembourg
    - What is, what does ESMA, CSSF, ALFI
  • Fund universe and fund classification
    - Open ended / closed ended funds / FCPs and corporate structures
    - Active / passive funds, ETFs, Non-traditional and Hedge funds, Absolute vs relative return funds
    - Umbrella funds and Subfunds, Fund of Funds
  • Overview of main functions and stakeholders in the fund industry
  • Fund Operations, TA – basics
  • Panel discussion and Q&A

Target Group / Requirements

This training mainly focuses on people dealing with funds in the broadest sense. Employees of Luxembourg fund management companies, custodians, transfer agents, fund administrators, banks, asset managers, providers of legal advice, compliance and risk management services, auditors, etc. The training provides basis knowledge and is an important preparation for the LFO Luxembourg Fund Officer FA©.

Upon completion of the 2-days training course, participants know all the major technical terms and expressions in our fund business.


The basics of the fund business are being taught in a simple and comprehensive language. Participants make themselves familiar with the variety of terms in the current world of funds. Specific attention is being given to the use of language (to be able to explain something in own words). The basic aim is to develop a fund specific business sense and to better understand the job one is in - resulting in an impactful advantage for oneself but also for the employer. 

Training structure / Test

2 days and a final written test (30 minutes multiple choice and some free on the second afternoon Multiple Choice and ).

Teaching Material

The course works with excerpts from laws, a selection of available documents from the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) and Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI), with various sales prospectuses and other information and documentation material in the Luxembourg fund practice as well as the daily and financial press. The participants will receive a folder for all scripts and seminar documents.

Follow-up Training

This training forms the basis of the Lux Fund Officer. In the course of 2021 we will offer this Fund Officer training with a certificate as “Luxembourg Fund Officer FA©.


Fund Academy AG, Lachen, Switzerland


Course Basic (1.5 days)



Course Advanced (3 days)



Test Basic



Test Advanced




Training costs include folder for all scripts and seminar documents as well as a question-and-answer compilation. VAT is excluded. Travel and expenses are on top.


Certificate (Cert Know-the FUNDamentals FA)

Full presence of training courses and test are mandatory.