Deepen your knowledge in 3 days with the Know the FUNDamentals from 28.2.24 in Luxembourg.

12 Tage Swiss Fund Officer für Fondsprofis ab 7.3.24 in Zürich.

Approfondissement des connaissances en 3 jours avec Know the FUNDamentals à partir du 13.3.24 à Genève.

FUND Basics für Einsteiger in die Fondswelt am 15.3.24 in Zürich.


From February 2023, Fund Academy will offer its first Know the FUNDamentals trainings in Luxembourg. Many discussions with partners in Luxembourg have encouraged us to take this step.
The extremely active and large market with a large number of exciting companies and great challenges spurs us on to firmly anchor our knowledge and our training program in the Luxembourg fund community.