Fund Training

Our Fund Academy Training Program offers a perfect fit for any level of knowledge. For those who need the full width and depth on collective investment schemes in their day-to-day work, or need to demonstrate their knowledge to employers and regulators, Fund Officer is the perfect training course.

With our FUND Basics and Know the FUNDamentals, participants can acquire fundamentals for working in the fund industry, deepen their basic knowledge, or prepare perfectly for the Fund Officer.

FUND Basics / Know the FUNDamentals

Participants, whether beginners, newcomers or career changers, systematically build up their knowledge of collective investment schemes.

FUND Basics and Know the FUNDamentals are available in Zurich in German (fund market CH).
Know the FUNDamentals is available in Geneva in French (fund market CH) and Luxembourg in English (fund market LUX).
We also offer FUND Basics online in English (fund market CH).

With FUND Basics, we teach you all the essentials about funds in a compact and clear way in just 1 day.

The 3-day Know the FUNDamentals delves deeper into the entire value chain of funds. Lecturers from the field leave no questions unanswered.

Both FUND Basics and Know the FUNDamentals are ideally suited as preparation for the Swiss Fund Officer.

Fund Officer

For two decades, the Swiss Fund Officer (SFO) has been the standard for collective investment education in Switzerland. More than 30 high-ranking lecturers from the field, 11 course days (10 days face-to-face teaching and 1 day digitally, from 2024 12 days face-to-face), group work and discussions at the very highest level and depth of the subject matter. The course takes place twice a year in Zurich in German and once a year in Geneva in French. Participants receive a diploma they can be proud of after passing the exam.

As a complementary training for Swiss Fund Officers, Fund Academy runs the International Fund Officer (IFO). This 3-day programme takes participants to Luxembourg. Upon passing the final examination, they acquire the title “International Fund Officer”.