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Whether you are a career changer or re-entering the world of collective investment schemes or already have experience in the world of finance, our Know the FUNDamentals Intermediate offers you the opportunity to build your knowledge around collective investment schemes quickly and purposefully.

The KtF Intermediate course goes into breadth and depth in all sub-areas of the individual learning units. External lecturers impart their knowledge directly from daily practice.

Know the FUNDamentals Intermediate in 3 days is the perfect variant for career changers or particiants who re-enter the market. Spread over a few weeks and with little absence from your workplace, participants gain a very broad and in-depth knowledge and a Fund Academy Certificate with 3 webinar days.

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Dates and Registration

Nr. KtF E0421

Day 1 08.06.2021 08:30 17:00

Day 2 17.06.2021 08:30 17:00

Day 3 24.06.2021 08:30 15:30

Test 24.06.2021 16:00 17:00



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Course CHF 2050
Test CHF 150

The fees are exclusive of value added tax (VAT)